Is Safir Online Academy Accredited?

Safir Online Academy is accredited by AdvancED, the parent organization of The North Central Association CASI, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools CASI and the Northwest Accrediting Commission. Safir Educational Group is accredited by AdvancED as a (K-12) educational institution, consequently all schools under its umbrella are accredited too.

AdvancED, The North Central Association CASI, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools CASI and the Northwest Accrediting Commission are accrediting agencies recognized by the State Department of Education, CHEA and The United States Department of Education.

What Programs are offered by Safir Online Academy?

  • American Diploma; for school students, from G1 to G12.
  • American Diploma for adults from G9 to G12.
  • Credit Transfer for School students /home schooled students including college preparation courses, (Advanced Placement) AP courses and elective courses.
  • Training programs for character building, instilling human values, 21st century skills, and these programs include courses and interactive programs.
  • Adults training programs: parent educational orientation, raising children, Montessori and more.
  • Languages for students or adults: Arabic as second language (ASL), English (ESL), French and Spanish.

Is Safir Online Academy high school available to everyone?

As long as you meet Safir’s minimum admission requirements, the school accepts all students regardless of their gender, religion, race or nationality.

We truly offer a well-round and diversified online learning experience. We serve students all over the world virtually. Any student age 14+ who has finished 8th grade can enroll at SOA high school.

For high school American diploma granting admission requirements:

  • The appliers to enroll in Grade 9 will take entrance exams in English and Math.
  • Acceptance to our school is based upon the results of the success in the digital English and Math placement test and previous student’s transcript.
  • The result of the placement exam will be informed to parents by phone/email within 1 week at the latest from the date of assessment.

How do I enroll in Safir Online Academy?

The registration process needs to be completed by the parents or the legal guardian.

The enrollment process is completed entirely through SOA website. The registration agreement is digitally signed online as part of the intake and admission process.

Please make sure the email address you entered during the admission process is always up to date, as SOA will send important emails to this address.

Once an applicant is accepted then the parent will need to supply the following:


  • Recent colored photographs of the applicant.
  • Original valid passport/ National ID of student
  • Original valid passport/ National ID of father/ sponsor.
  • Original certificate of G8 of the applicant. Stamped from the Ministry of Education or the equivalent institutions.

Then the parents will do the tuition payments procedures.

Important Note: If the grade level an applicant is applying for is full, the application will be placed on the waiting list.

How do I know what courses to take?

Safir Online Academy’s Students have a school counselor which guide the students according their academic needs.

For credit transfer, contact your school counselor for academic advice regarding your academic needs then visit our course catalogue.

Can I attend Safir on a full American diploma or credit transfer?


SOA High School offers a full-diploma enrollment, credit recovery, college preparation and summer school courses online. Our online courses and high school diploma are also an excellent option for home-schooled children.

When can I start?

You can Start Today! Safir offers open enrollment all the year so that students may enroll anytime. However, if the grade level you apply for is full, you will be placed on the waiting list until a new class is open and you will be informed of the new class within one month.

Our online high school diploma program is geared toward today’s busy lifestyle, and we offer a great deal of flexibility to our students. The adult high school fast path diploma is completed entirely at the student’s pace through a direct interaction with the teacher.

Are the courses taught by real teachers?

Yes, SOA courses is taught by a highly qualified staff with many of years of experience supporting students’ academic successes. Teachers and students interact regularly through phone, email, text, recorded videos and sometimes live lessons.

Students and parents are encouraged to contact the teachers when there is a need of any kind. Teachers contact students and their parents at least once per month.

What if the student has problems while taking a course?

If the problem is technical contact our help desk by mail/ telephone and you will be answered within 24 hours.

If the problem is academic just contact your teacher by mail/telephone.

Is SOA less challenging than other traditional accredited American high schools?

Simply No! As an accredited American high school, SOA offers a flexible alternative for students; it is not an easier option than traditional accredited high schools but more flexible.

As a parent, will I be kept informed of my students' progress?

Absolutely! As a parent, you will receive all the updates and information about your student’s progress regularly. We strongly believe that a parent’s involvement in their child’s education is serving their overall success.

Parents can always see how your child is performing by logging in SOA LMS by using the parent’s domain. Moreover, all teachers in each subject contact the parent at least once per month.

Students and parents are encouraged to connect with their counselor each semester. Our counselors are available anytime during regular school hours to discuss your child’s progress and course planning.

What is the cost?

To know the cost of SOA you can visit SOA tuition page, it includes all our affordable offers in diploma granting and credit transfer courses.

Do you offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses? How do I earn AP credit?

Yes, SOA offers Advanced Placement Courses for Several Subjects.

AP course is a college-level learning experience, Most of AP courses have a prerequisite courses and the students have to be willing and academically ready.

Do Students need to purchase textbooks?

All SOA’s course materials are provided online.

How many courses am I allowed to take at once?

In diploma granting case: Students should follow our curriculum map.

For credit transfer, due to the importance of duration of each course, we recommend:

Homeschooled students: Not more than 4-5 courses at a time.

Public/ private School Students: Not more than 3 courses at a time.

What is a duration of a typical course to complete

Normally, SOA are designed for semester-based terms. Time is not a problem in our online courses, we have flexibility in which you can take the course and discuss the details with your teacher upon activation in the course.

Can I accelerate and complete a course faster?

Yes you can! Students can elect to do extra assignments each week, therefore completing the course in less time. Especially in fast adults path diploma.

All courses have a traditional pace chart which will keep you on track but you can manage it with your teacher to tailor a pace chart that meets your accelerated needs.

Do Students automatically get an official transcript sent to them?

Final grade reports are sent out electronically to the school of record immediately upon completing a course or semester of a course.

What makes a transcript official?

Is when it’s sent sealed and/or directly to the school or entity. They have to be the ones to open it. As soon as our instructors complete the student and issue a final grade, a document is automatically sent to your official documents file to process. Students unofficial Transcripts via their SOA account.

How do I know what work is due and when?

All SOA courses have a Pace Chart embedded in them. This keep the students on the track and allows students to know exactly what is expected to be submitted on a weekly basis, whether they choose a traditional, extended, or accelerated pace. Teachers assist students in modifying the chart to reflect their chosen pace.

What is Grade Book?

Every graded assessment is recorded in the student’s personal Grade Book, which is available to all parents who know the student’s user name and password—something we highly recommend! Routinely monitoring grades allows you to see student progress over time. All graded assignments and current overall grade average are available for viewing. Current overall grade average, graded assignments, and teacher feedback are available for viewing at any time.

What does the Parent/Guardian account allow parents to do?

The Parent/Guardian Account allows parents to have a hands-on approach with their student’s academic life at SOA.
With your Parent/Guardian Account you will have:
• 24-7 online access to submitted and/or graded assignments and your child’s grade book.
• Extensive access to teachers, including monthly phone calls.
• Monthly progress reports emailed to parent emails
• Regular email updates from teachers