SOA offers their students to take virtual exams at home with online, fee-based proctoring. Using a webcam and a reliable high-speed Internet connection, student can take virtual exams from anywhere. Your teachers will have further information on this item in their communication efforts. Mandatory end-of-course exams measure what a student has learned and will be proctored for academic integrity.


Distribution of grades for each semester and the assessment categories


Category High School
Attendance 15%
Assignments 30%
Quizzes 15%
tests 20%
Projects 20%



  • No quizzes or tests to be given in Physical Education , Art and Music

The following categories and percentages will be used to produce the semester grade for Art, Music and Physical Education

  • Attendance 20 %
  • Assignments 40%
  • Performance tasks 30%
  • Final Project 10 %


We reserve the right to make any changes in this assessment policy to suit the requirements of certain subjects or grade levels; these changes will be communicated to parents in advance to implementation.Top of Form