Online High School Diploma

Graduation credit requirements are as follows:

  • Standard Diploma: Is taken only for who are not willing to enter to university
Standard Diploma – Accredited High School
Course Credit Required
English 4.0
Math 4.0
Science 3.0
Social Studies 3.5
Art 1.0
PE 0.5
Electives 6.0
health 0.5
Total 23    Credits
  • College Preparatory: The goal of high school is to prepare students for college, it makes sense that the classes that you take in high school are called “college prep classes
College Preparatory – Accredited High School
Course Credit Required
English 4.0
Math 4.0
Science 4.0
Social Studies 4.0
Second language 2.0
Computer & It 1.0
Art 1.0
PE 1.0
Electives 4.0
health 0.5
Speech 0.5
Total 26 Credits

To choose between College prep, AP & honors Courses, it is depend about the university’s country you are willing to enter

  • College Prep is the class you will take when you are not being challenged by the honors or AP version of a class. And if your university’s country doesn’t required to take AP or honors subjects.It all depends on the college your child wishes to attend and his college location.Such as in the United States it’s mandatory to take AP or Honors Courses to enter university, while in Turkey it’s non-mandatory to take AP or Honors Courses, moreover there are 3 colleges only in turkey can take AP course as a college credit.If you are challenging yourself or your university’s country required to take AP or honors subjects to enroll the university. Let’s know the difference between them to choose AP or Honors Courses.The difference between Honors and AP course:

    If you are not in the state it is preferred to take AP courses, honors only suggested for people are willing to enter universities in the state. AP Courses are more widely recognized as rigorous.

    The main difference between the two has to do with college credit. Basically, if you enroll your teen in an AP course, they have the chance to receive college credit. However, if your teen enrolls in an honors course they will have no such chance.

    AP Courses:

    Scoring: In order to receive college credit for an AP course, your teen must study for the AP exam, and receive a score of 3 or higher (out of 5). However, most colleges require a score of at least 4.

    AP Curriculum: College Board determined it.

    Some AP courses needs prerequisites courses.

    Honors Courses

    • Is preferred if you are willing to study in the state.
    • Honors Curriculum: State government officials, Department heads and Honors teachers themselves who determined it.
    • Honors requirements: Placement tests, teacher recommendation and some of them need prerequisite courses.

    Credit transfer Subjects

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