Introduction :

The school accepts all students regardless of their gender, religion, race or nationality.

The registration process needs to be completed by the parents or the legal guardian.

The Application Process :

Please complete the registration form that is attached to this policy.

The following is required to complete the application process:

The application of a student will be complete only upon receipt of the following documents:


  •  Recent colored photographs of the applicant.
  • Original valid passport/ National ID of student
  • Original valid passport/ National ID of father/ sponsor.
  • Original certificate of G8 of the applicant.


The appliers to enroll in Grade 9 will take entrance exams in English and Math.


Acceptance to our school is based upon the results of the Entrance Exam and previous school history.

Parents will be advised of the status of application by phone within 5 days at the latest from the date of assessment.

Important Note:

If the grade level an applicant is applying for is full, the application will be placed on the waiting list.

Final Admission :

Once an applicant is accepted then the parent will need to supply the following by end of June if applying for the next academic year or immediately if the academic year has started.