Who We Are?

Safir Online Academy (SOA) is an American School founded in 2016. SOA is a growing school targeting students and adults to be granted American High School Diploma.

It is planned to gradually increase in size over two academic years to serve 300 students in diploma granting track and about 200 students in credit transfer track. Although SOA is located in Taxes, it serves the expat’s communities at Turkey, local Turkish community and expats in Middle East and Arabian Gulf countries. The staff of SOA is a multinational staff. The challenges SOA faces are obvious in the cultural diversity of the students and consequently parents.

Although Safir Online Academy (SOA) is working in improving human skills to adults and evolving their career by providing human development courses including English (ESL), Arabic (ASL), Turkish, Islamic studies in English, French, Basic computer, Art history and special courses for teachers and parents.

Student/Parent Guide to Online Learning

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